Two Main Factors to Consider When Buying a Shot Blasting Machine

Nov. 09, 2020

Road Shot Blasting MachineThe sandblasting machine was invented in the 1930s as a rust removal facility and has been widely used, especially in the steel industry, foundry industry and automobile manufacturing industry.

Based on a wide range of applications, various shot blasting machines currently exist on the market. Drum type shot blasting machine, hook type shot blasting machine and roller table type shot blasting machine are especially used for surface treatment of castings. In addition, shot blasting equipment such as an internal steel pipe shot blasting machine and an external steel pipe shot blasting machine are used for surface treatment of objects other than castings.

Nowadays, the shot blasting machine has become very important for every commercial foundry, because the surface treatment of the casting must be carried out when the casting is manufactured.

When choosing a shot blasting machine, people should consider the details of the shot blasting machine, including size, shape, weight and production speed.


Two main factors to consider when buying a Shot Blasting Machine


Operating temperature

Since the optimal temperature for shot blasting is close to the ambient temperature, the operating temperature range of the machine should be considered. When high-temperature castings need to be shot blasted, the shot blasting machine should maintain operability at the highest temperature of the casting. In this way, the shot blasting machine can meet the requirements of low maintenance, production safety and high efficiency.


The working intensity of road shot blasting machine

Generally, manufacturers requiring high output are suitable for continuous process shot blasting machines. The reason is that this machine can simplify operations and reduce repetitive operations, thereby saving time and labor.

Generally, in a continuous process, the size of the conveyor system and the volume of the shot blasting chamber must be ensured before blasting the castings with different structures and sizes. In this way, the rework rate can be reduced to a certain extent.

In addition, no matter which sandblasting machine is used, the density of the casting is also a factor that people should pay attention to.

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