Teach You to Solve Common Glitches of Shot Blasting Machine

Jul. 06, 2020

Shot Blasting Machine

Shot blasting machine occasionally has some small faults in daily work, such as some bullet valves can not be opened, the control switch can not be used normally, the switch time is set to timeout and other reasons, these problems are also some How to solve common problems and how to analyze them. Shot Blasting Machine manufacturer introduces you.

One or more shot blasters cannot be turned on normally.

Cause: The thermal relay of the shot blaster is disconnected or the AC contactor protection switch is disconnected due to overload or motor stagnation.

Solution: Identify the cause and re-close.

When all the pill valves are open, there is no obvious change in the current of the shot blaster.

Cause: No compressed air or insufficient compressed air pressure.

Solution: Check whether the air compressor or centralized gas supply is normal.

The dust blower can be turned on normally, and other button switches cannot be turned on.

Reason: The lateral spiral thermal relay is disconnected or the AC contactor protection switch is disconnected due to overload or motor stagnation.

Solution: Identify the cause and re-close.

1. Initial operation of shot blasting machine

There are many types of failures at the beginning of operation, which are more complicated. Such as selection problems, design problems or environmental problems. If the connection between the connecting rod and the actuator is not paid attention to during design, the phenomenon of shedding occurs; the power cable and the signal cable are installed with the same threading tube, which causes relatively large signal interference; there are unshielded motor equipment nearby, It affects the stability of operation; the internal choke coil of the position locator is damaged. For these problems, we must observe in time, discover and deal with in time to avoid loss.

2. Mid-operation

In the middle of the operation of the shot blasting machine, the overall performance of the electric actuator of the shot blasting machine is also transferred from the running-in period to the adaptation period. The performance at this time is relatively stable. If there is a problem, most of the individual electronic components have quality problems. Such as current transformers, intermediate contactors, micro switches, etc.

3. Late operation

In the later period of operation, the problem of aging of components and the wear of transmission components began to become extremely serious. For example, the aging of the motor coil led to a decrease in insulation and unstable operation; poor lubrication of the motor reduced the stability of operation; positioning The aging of the comparison coil of the converter or the aging of the position current converter reduces the positioning accuracy; the wear of the transmission components of the reducer causes the electric mechanism of the shot blaster to be unable to be adjusted, etc. In addition to this, there are also causes such as artificial trampling, process baffle stuck, and wrong operation.

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