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Jun. 29, 2020

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Operation rules of shot blasting machine

1. Before the shot blasting machine works: 1) Check the "handover record". 2) Before running, check the wear of the wearing parts such as the guard plate, rubber curtains, rollers and replace them in time. 3) Check the coordination of each moving part, whether the bolt connection is loose, and tighten it in time. 4) Check whether any debris falls into the machine, and remove it in time to prevent equipment failure due to blockage of various conveying links. 5) Check whether the lubrication of each part meets the regulations. 6) Before confirming that there is no one in the room and the service door has been closed and reliable, it can be ready to start. Before starting the machine, a signal should be sent to allow people near the machine to leave. 7) Follow the operating procedures correctly.

2. Second, the shot blasting machine is working: 1) First start the ventilation and dust suction motor, check the operation and confirm that the shot blasting machine is normal. Before the shot blasting machine is started, the control valve for iron shots must not be opened. 2) Always check the quality of steel cleaning. If necessary, adjust the projectile ejection angle and roller conveyor speed. Observe whether the steel is deviated at any time, and slip should be eliminated in time. 3) Pay attention to whether the vibration and sound during the operation of the shot blaster are normal, and the temperature rise of the bearing and the motor. When there is an abnormality, stop and check to eliminate the fault or replace the blade. 4) At the end of the work in the shot blasting room, the pill tube should be closed first to stop the air intake; the shot blaster motor should be turned off, and finally the ventilator should be stopped. 5) If an abnormal phenomenon occurs, shut down immediately, check the cause and eliminate it in time. 6) Wet steel plates are strictly prohibited from entering the shot blasting room for shot blasting. 3. After the shot blasting machine works: 1) Cut off the power supply and remove the debris on the screen below the separator. 2) Perform daily maintenance. 3) Fill in the "Handover Shift Record" and do a good job of handover. The shot blasting machine uses the high-speed projectiles thrown by the shot blasting machine to clean or strengthen the casting equipment on the surface of the casting. The shot blasting machine can perform sand falling, core removal and cleaning on the casting at the same time.

Shot Blasting Machine

Shot Blasting Machine

The use of shot blasting machine

Shot blasting technology is currently one of the advanced international processes for surface cleaning, strengthening, finishing, and deburring of various mechanical parts. This equipment is mainly composed of shot blasting device, wear-resistant rubber ring belt, twisting dragon, lifting , Separator, feed conveying, dust collector, shot blasting machinery. It has been widely adopted by many industries. This machine has a high technical content. It can be designed with pc control and automatic control of electrical appliances. It has automatic monitoring, automatic protection and stepless frequency conversion speed regulation and other devices. Can achieve the purpose of multi-purpose machine. The main principle is to abandon the compressed air as the power method, using a shot blaster and centrifugal force to project, high-speed projection on the surface of the workpiece, especially the internal cavity of the workpiece is shot blasted to achieve the required brightness, cleanliness, roughness The purpose of strengthening and strengthening the surface of the workpiece greatly improves the service life and aesthetics of the parts.

Skills of using shot blasting machine

1. In the shot blasting machine process, try to put more workpieces in the shot area, which can improve the cleaning efficiency and reduce the wear of the guard plate and increase its service life. 2. In the case where the workpiece cannot be increased, the directional sleeve should be adjusted so that the projectile steel shot is ejected on the workpiece as much as possible, which can also increase the life of the guard and reduce its wear. 3. ① The dust removal system should adjust the gates of the branch pipes to make the wind distribution reasonable and enhance the dust removal effect. ② The dust collector should ensure regular cleaning. What is the shot blasting machine and what is the use of the trolley-type shot blasting machine? The purpose is to cool the unpacked castings below 30 ℃ and put it on the trolley. The large-scale shot blasting device is used to accelerate the projectile to At a speed of about 80 meters/second, it is projected onto the surface of the casting. The internal cavity that cannot be cleaned can be supplemented by a spray gun. The cleaned core sand is regenerated by the separation and dust removal due to the high-speed projectile. Magnetic separation It can still be used afterwards. This machine is suitable for casting sand cleaning and forgings under 5 tons and forgings, structural parts, heat treatment and strengthening. There are also track type, drum type, hook type and other types of shot blasting machines with similar uses to meet the requirements of various processes.

Blasting machine maintenance rules

Daily repair and maintenance

1. Check whether all the bolts on the shot blasting machine and the shot blasting motor are loose. 2. The wear condition of the wear-resistant parts in the shot blasting device and the guard plate in the shot blasting room, and replace the worn parts in time. 3. Whether the inspection door of shot blasting machine is tight. 4. Check whether the status of each limit switch and proximity switch is normal. 5. Check whether the working status of each signal indicator on the console is normal. 6. Check whether the total amount of pellets in the pellet silo is sufficient, and should be added if insufficient.

Monthly repair and maintenance

1. Check and adjust the fan valve so that its opening and closing degree meets the current value of the blast motor from 35A to 40A. 2. Adjust the tightness of the drive chain and give lubrication. 3. Check the tightness of the belt of the bucket elevator and adjust it. Check hopper bolts and tighten. 4. Check the lubricating oil of the reducer, if it is lower than the specified oil level, the corresponding grease must be added. 5. Check the contact status of each AC contactor and knife switch, and perform soot cleaning. 6. Check whether the wires and cables of the power and control parts are loose and should be tightened. 7. Test each motor separately, listen to whether the sound is normal, and see the no-load current. Each motor should be no less than 5 minutes. 8. Check the wear and fixation of fans and air ducts.

Quarterly repairs and maintenance

1. Check all bearings and add grease. 2. Replace the grease in the shot blasting machine and shot blasting motor. 3. Check the tightness of the fixing bolts and flange connections of all motors, gearboxes, fans, three screw conveyors. Annual repair and maintenance 1. Repair all motor bearings. 2. Replace or weld the main room shield. 3. Check the contact reliability of PLC and inverter. 4. Check whether the ammeter shows accuracy.

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