Analysis on the Development Trend of CNC Punch

Nov. 02, 2020

Analysis on the Development Trend of CNC Punch

Nowadays, the development cycle and manufacturing cycle of industrial products are getting shorter and shorter, and companies have higher and higher product quality requirements. At the same time, the variety of products is increasing, and the batches of products are getting smaller and smaller. This is a challenge for the sheet metal industry, so sheet metal processing equipment is required to have high production efficiency, high flexibility and low production costs. The CNC punching machine saves a lot of production costs, shortens the production cycle, has a larger processing range and processing capacity, and can adapt to market and product changes in time.

Features of CNC punching machine

The sheet metal processing of the CNC punching machine can automatically complete the production of a variety of complex hole shapes at one time, and can process holes of different sizes, hole distances and shapes as required, or use small stamping dies to punch large round holes, square holes and Curved contours of various shapes can also be processed by licensed technology. CNC punch press is currently used by many powerful domestic manufacturers for its convenience, speed and high precision. Its biggest features include the following seven aspects.

⑴Easy to use, saving mold opening costs. The CNC turret punch press can carry out complex forming processing, and is more suitable for enterprises with higher requirements for sheet forming. Through simple mold combination, compared with traditional stamping, a lot of mold costs are saved, and low-cost and short-period processing of small batch and diversified products can be used.

⑵Compared with the laser cutting machine, the price of the whole machine is about one-third of the CNC punching machine with similar processing efficiency, and the follow-up maintenance cost is low and the price is high. Compared with the nitrogen and oxygen consumed by the laser machine, the cost of using the mold of the CNC punch is much lower.

⑶ High processing precision and stable processing quality. The CNC punch press has high punching accuracy, small punching burrs, good workpiece flatness, less follow-up processing, low scrap rate, high forming quality, and the processing dimensional accuracy of digital punching is generally up to 0.1mm, and the product size consistency is good.

⑷CNC punching machine can process the workpieces individually or batch-process the workpieces with group commands to improve production efficiency. The processing speed of the CNC punch press is fast. The stroke rate of general hydraulic equipment can reach 500-600 times/min, and some even up to 900 times/min, and the maximum positioning speed can reach 100m/min.

⑸ For large-size plates, it can basically be processed at one time, while the traditional processing of large-size plates requires multiple processes to be completed on many different equipment. This reduces intermediate links, reduces post-processing procedures, reduces mold design, etc., and through simple mold integration, greatly saves labor and reduces production costs.

⑹When machining parts change, generally only need to change the numerical control program, which can save production preparation time.

⑺ Higher requirements for the quality of operators and higher technical requirements for maintenance personnel.


CNC Punching Machine

Processing method of CNC punch

The processing methods of CNC punch presses can be divided into single punching, multi-directional continuous punching, single forming, continuous punching in the same direction, nibbling, array forming and continuous forming. Single punching is to complete punching in a single time, including circumferential distribution, arc distribution, linear distribution, and grid hole distribution. Multi-directional continuous punching is a processing method that uses small molds to process large holes. Single forming is a processing method of forming a shallow deep drawing according to the shape of the mold. Continuous punching in the same direction is a processing method in which rectangular dies are partially overlapped, which can be used for trimming and processing long holes. Cannibalization is a processing method that uses a small round die to continuously punch an arc in a small step. Array forming is a processing method in which multiple different or identical workpieces are processed on a large plate. Continuous forming is a forming process that is larger than the mold size, such as rolling steps, rolling ribs, and large-size shutters.

The development trend of CNC punching technology

At present, the development trends of CNC technology and equipment in the world mainly include: new trends in high-speed, high-precision machining technology and equipment, efficiency and quality are the mainstay of advanced manufacturing technology; 5-axis simultaneous machining and compound machining machine tools are developing rapidly; intelligence , Open and networked production methods.

The CNC punching machine automatically punches the sheet metal according to the pre-programmed processing program. In the production process of sheet metal parts, when performing numerical control program design, whether it is manual programming or automatic programming, process analysis of the processed parts is required before programming, and then the processing plan is drawn up. To formulate a correct and reasonable processing technology, it is necessary to select the appropriate mold and processing speed. In the design of the CNC program, more attention should be paid to some programming methods. If some process details are ignored, sometimes even if the processing procedure is correct, the qualified parts cannot be processed due to the unreasonable processing procedure. When designing the CNC program, you should ensure that the sheet has good rigidity as much as possible, leave some connection points appropriately, and use the punching M code and configure the processing path reasonably.

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