Advantages of Steel Shot Blasting Machine

Oct. 26, 2020

Shot blasting machine, as a device that uses high-speed projectiles to clean or strengthen the surface of objects, was first used in the rust removal of metal castings. In recent years, it has been gradually applied and promoted in pavement engineering. It is our current concrete pavement shot blasting machine. With the increasing traffic volume, the anti-skid function of cement concrete pavement is lost during use, especially at corners and steep slopes. The road is polished and smoothed, which greatly reduces the anti-skid performance of the road surface. There are serious security risks.

The scope of use of road shot blasting machines has been very extensive, from a single road shot blasting machine to a concrete shot blasting machine, floor shot blasting machine, bridge shot blasting machine, vertical mobile shot blasting machine and so on.

Road Surface Shot Blasting Machine can be widely used in road bridges, urban viaducts, special roads (airport runways, etc.) concrete base road (bridge) surface pavement treatment before construction, epoxy floor Treatment; steel bridge deck, steel plate surface, steel surface, steel surface anti-corrosion pretreatment of the bottom surface of large steel structure flat oil tank, etc. There is no dust pollution during the whole treatment process. It can effectively remove ground scum, stains, etc.; at the same time, it is used for roughening hardened floors and water-polished floors. The treated surface is even and flat, clean and clean, which can effectively improve the adhesion of the paint , There is no pollution and emission during the whole operation, and there is no residue on the surface after treatment, and no further treatment is required.

Road Surface Shot Blasting Machine

Road Surface Shot Blasting Machine

Advantages of Concrete shot blasting machine:

1. The operation and preparation are simple, clean at any time and evacuate at any time.

2. A number of advanced electrical control technologies such as variable frequency speed regulation, PLC control, phase sequence protection, text display, etc. are used to ensure the accurate realization of various functions.

3. The cleaning speed, steel shot supply, pulse back-blowing time period, dust removal interval of the dust filter cartridge, etc. can be set according to the different conditions of the road surface, and the ideal cleaning effect can be achieved by adjusting the parameter combination.

4. Wide working area and high efficiency.

5. The entire construction process is dust-free and pollution-free, which is conducive to environmental protection and the health of construction personnel.

6. The pavement structure is basically not damaged during construction.

7. Pulse automatic back-blowing and dust removal can realize continuous work.

8. The steel shot circulates automatically inside the equipment, and the consumption is very low.

9. The whole machine has reasonable structure, quick disassembly, convenient maintenance and replacement of wearing parts.

10. With vacuum cleaner, it can achieve dust-free or dust-free effect when working, and protect the health of operators.

Finally, summarize the advantages of steel plate shot blasting machine:

1. Environmental protection and hygiene. Or too much dust in the room affects the health of personnel and the natural environment.

2. Good cleaning effect. The main thing is to remove the rust. It has been driving on the sea for a long time, and the humidity is high and the rust is more stubborn.

3. Good work efficiency. The desired effect can be achieved once without rework.

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